France Biotech | 15th Health Tech Panorama (FR)

France Biotech, in partnership with Euronext, KPMG and BPI France, published its 15th edition of the French Health Tech Panorama report (in French).  This annual publication offers a comprehensive analysis of the life science industry in France, the sector and its dynamism. This year 302 companies took part in the study, coming from the French Biotech and Medtech sectors. 

Euronext has become the leading pan-european financial market for life sciences with 86 listed companies from the sector (49 biotechs and 37 medtechs) representing a total market capitalisation of over €22bn. In 2017 5 biotech companies listed on Euronext markets representing a total market capitalisation of €139M. Companies listed on our markets continue to benefit from access to financing solutions with 113 secondary operations having taken place in 2017 by listed life science companies, representing €869M in funds allocated to the sector. 

This study showed that 47% of CEOs of life science companies' greatest concern was finding funding for their company. 

Euronext contributed to this report to show how financial markets can be a viable, long term solution to financing life science companies. Companies listed are distributed amongst our Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam markets and listed at varying stages of their development, with a majority of listed companies having persued their IPO in Phase I and Phase II of clinical trials. Becomming a listed company also increases the visibility of a company internationally, with 34% of invested funds in listed Life Science companies being provided by American investors on Euronext Markets. 



To read the full report (in French) please click here.