24/04/2015 - "Connected technologies"

Pitch Tech Day - "Connected technologies"

EnterNext organised its first EnterNext Pitch Tech Day Friday, April 24th, 2015. 

The event brought together entrepreneurs, investors and analysts to exchange views and gain fresh insights into innovative companies and their various activities. This first edition of Pitch Tech Day was dedicated to connected technologies.

Through practical exchanges between entrepreneurs and stockmarket professionals, the Pitch Tech Day gave investors and analysts a better grasp of innovative companies’ business models. Seven companies from the world of connected things—six of them listed—were invited to give the group a short pitch, describing their business. The morning was introduced and moderated by Anne-Sophie Bordry, head of the Connected and Intelligent Things Think Tank in France. Speakers were focus on the challenges facing the connected technologies sector and its growth prospects, new business models, value-creating innovation, and success indicators for the industry.

Companies took part include:

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